FAQ ARNOVA G3 & 10 G2, 10b G2 & 7 G2

What to check first

Make sure your battery is completely charged…
Make sure that your battery is completely charged by connecting it to its power adapter for 8 hours or until the charging indicator light blinks.


Make sure you have the latest firmware…
This is one of the most important things that you should do. Firmware updates are important to install because they add new features, improve existing features, and fix bugs. You can update your device by downloading the latest firmware to your computer and transferring it to your ARNOVA using the USB cable. See the ‘How to install a firmware’ on the download page of the ‘Support’ section. More information on www.arnovatech.com


Make sure your WiFi is working…
Many applications will not work if your tablet is not connected to the Internet.


Check the user manual…
There’s a lot of useful information in the full user manual. It is pretty well written, has illustrations and there are probably things in there that you didn't know about.


Connected by not appearing on your PC…
When you plug your tablet into your PC over the USB cable it should ask to go into USB storage mode. Once you choose yes on the tablet it should be recognized immediately (or after about 30 seconds if it’s the first time you have plugged it into that PC) in ‘My Computer’ and no drivers should be asked of you. If it is not recognized (or if it is asking for drivers) it could be Because the tablet is in USB debugging mode. You will need to switch off USB debugging from Apps > Settings > Developer Options > uncheck the box marked USB debugging. (ADB USB debugging mode is what is used by developers to see how apps are working on the device)



What is Android™?
It is the most popular Operating System platform for portable devices. Games and applications of all different types are now available and new exciting ones are yet to come due to its open architecture.


What version of Android™ is on the devices?
ARNOVA G3 tablets were released running Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Any updates will happen via Firmware update. We recommend that you keep your ARNOVA tablet up to date.


What apps are included on the device?
Many apps are preinstalled on the device as standard. First there are the Music and Video that bring extra codec and format support over the standard Android multimedia apps. And there are the optional apps that you can choose to install (or not) during the first setup of your tablet. These differ by device but include: an office application trial, an ebook reader and some games.


How do the devices charge?
The Tablets charge via the included power charger/adapter, this plugs in to charge the tablet either via the micro USB slot (ChildPad, 8G3, 7dG3, 7cG3, 7bG3, 7G3) or power adaptor (10bG3, 9G3, 8cG3, 7fG3)


Connecting to the Internet (WiFI and 3G)

I’m having problems connecting over WiFi. What should I do?
First, update the firmware on the device. Then try connecting again after it is updated.- Check that your Wifi router/modem is working correctly – try it with another Wifi device (ex: friend’s laptop). – Check your WiFi router/modem documentation to see if it has a pairing button that needs to be pressed. Some modems have such a button that must be pressed the first time you try to make a WiFi connection with a new device. – Make sure that you are relatively close to the modem/router when make your first connection. Later you can test to see how far away you can still get a wifi signal. – Try connecting to a friend's WiFi access point (one that uses a different modem) to see if reacts the same way. If it connects, then you know that you should set your WiFi router/modem with similar parameters. – Turn off the Wifi then turn it back on again. Go to Apps > Settings > Wireless controls and uncheck Wi-Fi. Wait until the small text below “Wifi” says “Turn on Wi-Fi” and then check it. Your WiFi access point should show up as an item below this. -If you have to enter a password (an security code of type WEP or WPA) be very careful that you do not confuse a 1 and I (one and letter “I”), a 0 and O (zero and letter “O”), or U and V. These are common mistakes. – When entering a security code for your WiFi access, check the box “Show password” which will allow you to see exactly what you are typing in. This will avoid any mistakes.


Does my ARNOVA G3 tablet have Flash™ capability for Flash™ video or Flash™ games?
Yes, your ARNOVA G3 tablet supports flash. You just need to download the flash application and install it on your tablet.


Android User Interface and applications

How do I download apps?
Your ARNOVA tablet comes with AppsLib for downloading free and paid for applications. There are over 40 000 applications available on AppsLib in a wide range of genres and uses. To download from AppsLib you just need to agree to the AppsLib Terms and Conditions (these will be available the first time you open AppsLib) and you can start searching through apps and downloading them. You do not need to create an account to download free apps from AppsLib. You only need to create an account if you wish to download paid for applications. You will find a shortcut to the AppsLib app on the primary homescreen or in the Apps section of your device. You can buy apps from AppsLib by using Paypal. Paypal supports many different payment systems and many different countries. You will need to create an account on AppsLib.com and link your AppsLib account to your paypal account to start purchasing apps on AppsLib. Note that you need to be connected to the Internet to use AppsLib.


Can I download apps from the Google Play Store? How?
Sorry, no, these devices are not Google certified and do not have access to Google Play. However if .apk files are available on the Internet from the maker of one of the applications found on the Google Play, then there is no reason you could not download it from their site and use it (so long as it does not require a piece of hardware that the ARNOVA does not have. Ex : compass, telephone, GPS). And don’t forget that your ARNOVA comes with access to AppsLib which has over 40 000 applications available


What happens if I download a paid app and then delete it by mistake – How do I get it back?
AppsLib keeps track of which programs you purchased and will let you redownload them at anytime from the My Apps section of AppsLib.


Where do these apps go after I download them?
You can find your application again in the Apps drawer (accessible from the top right of the home screen).


What do I do if an app gets stuck or functions incorrectly?
The app you are using may need to be updated. Open the AppsLib app and go to the My Apps section. Here it will show you which of your apps have updates that can be downloaded. If updating the application does not help with the problem, you could try uninstalling the application (use the Uninstall button found on the application’s page in AppsLib) and then reinstall it from the same page.


What are these widget things that Android has?
Widgets are a great invention. They are like little apps that you can place on one of the homescreens of your tablet like you would place an icon. More than just a shortcut to an application, Widgets can show you information like the latest news or your email inbox without having to launch an application. You can add widgets to your homescreens by going to the Apps section and going to the widgets tab, here, long press a widget and drag it to where you want on the homescreen.


How can I personalize my Homescreen?
You can add app shortcuts and widgets and change the wallpaper for your Homescreens by long pressing on your Homescreen. From the screen that pops up you can choose to change the wallpaper on your tablet. You can move an icon or widget around a homescreen by long pressing on it and moving it to where you want. To move it to another homescreen, long press the app and drag it to either the left or right to move it to the next or previous homescreen.


I downloaded an app I don't want anymore, how can I uninstall it?
Uninstalling an application to get more space is pretty easy. Just go to Apps > Settings > Apps then tap the app that you want to uninstall from the list and tap the uninstall button. Android will ask you if you are sure, tap OK and the app will uninstall.


Can I read ‘office’ documents on my tablet eg: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files?
Your ARNOVA Tablet came preinstalled with a trial of an office app. This will let you read and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as read PDF files. You can find other Office applications available on AppsLib.


Can I use my ARNOVA for reading eBooks?
Yes, you can. The most common ebook format is .epub. There are plenty of applications available to download from AppsLib that read .epub files. As well as plenty of applications that sell ebooks for you to read inside the application. The most common international ebook app is Aldiko (which reads .epub files).



How do I set up an email account on the tablet?
Simply open the email application and follow the on screen instructions. For many standard web mail systems the email app will auto-configure based on your email address. If it does not recognize the email account provider it will ask you for the POP3, IMAP or Exchange server settings for the account on the second screen of the setup wizard. You can get these settings from your email account supplier or from your network administrator.


Video / Photo / Music

Can I download music from online stores and play on my ARNOVA?
Yes, because the most popular online stores now deliver music without Digital Rights Management (non-protected).


What media file formats do the ARNOVA tablets support?
Many music, video and photo formats are supported right out of the box. Please refer to the spec sheets (available on the web site) for specific details on the supported formats.


Transferring Content

Which methods can I use to transfer files to my ARNOVA tablet?
There are plenty of ways to transfer files to your ARNOVA tablet that are covered in the following questions. These include: – Drag and drop over USB from a PC or Mac(Mass Storage Mode) – Syncing via Windows Media Player or iTunes via USB – Transferring from a USB storage device or MicroSD card


How can I transfer from my PC to my ARNOVA?
Drag and drop is by far the easiest method to transfer content to your ARNOVA. To do this plug your tablet into your PC via the supplied USB cable. Your tablet should recognize that it is plugged in and ask to go into USB mass storage mode, select this and your tablet should be recognized immediately by your PC. Open ‘My Computer’ and you will see your ARNOVA in the list. Double click the icon then double click ‘Internal Storage’ and you will see the file structure of your ARNOVA. Now you just need to drag the content that you want from the folder on your PC to the ARNOVA. For ease of content management in the library, we recommend that you put video files in the Video folder, music files in the Music folder and image files in the Pictures folder.


How can I transfer from my Mac to my ARNOVA?
Any unprotected photo, video or music file can be transferred to the ARNOVA and will play without problem. You just need to make sure that your Mac has mass storage support.


Can I sync my music, photo, and video content from Windows® Media Player or iTunes® to my ARNOVA?
Yes, you can sync your non-protected media files from Windows Media Player (version 11 or later) directly to your ARNOVA. For iTunes, you can just go to your iTunes folder on your computer that has your music and copy/paste it to the ARNOVA music folder. There are 3rd party applications such as doubleTwist™ which allow you to do this as well.


How can I transfer from a storage device to my ARNOVA?
You can transfer files from a MicroSD card (on flash storage models which have the microSD slot) from a USB flash drive or from a (powered) USB hard drive using the Files app. For MicroSD simple insert the card into the slot For USB devices you will need the standard micro USB to USB host cable (sold separately from your local electronics retailer), plug it into the micro USB port on your device and plug the USB storage device into the Host port on the cable. Once this is done open the ‘Files’ or ‘explorer’ app. The MicroSD card or the USB storage device will appear on the left, tap the icon to enter the folder structure on the storage device you want. Long press the file you want to transfer from the and choose ‘copy’ then navigate to the internal storage (on the left) and paste the file (paste button at the top of the screen) into the folder that you want. In the Files app you can select multiple files by tapping the ticks to the left of the file names and you can set up a double view to make switching between internal and external storage even easier.


Battery / Power

The battery of my ARNOVA is completely drained and the device will not switch on for it to charge.
Connect it to its power charger/adapter. Once you have plugged the device, the power LED will start flashing, this means that it is gathering enough charge to start. When the unit gets enough power it will start by itself (this could take some time). Even when started, do not unplug it until it is fully charged.


The battery on my device runs out very quickly, what can I do?
The Android™ Mobile Technology Platform was conceived such that the device can be woken up from suspend triggered from applications (ex: check emails every 10mn). As a consequence if you have network applications running in the background (that are auto launched at boot) that are network hungry (ex: checking the weather every 2 minutes) this will have an impact on the battery drain. If you are not using the WiFi, shut it off. A screen set to maximum brightest also drains energy from the device. Set your device as well to have its screen go off after 2 minutes of non-use. These things will help your battery conserve energy.


What USB devices work on the tablet?
Quite a lot of simple USB devices work on Android Tablets via the USB host (only available on some models – please check the specifications of your device). Common layout USB keyboards work, most USB mice, USB flash drives even some USB hard drives (as long as they are self powered). For a USB device to work in Android the drivers need to be there, google have added drivers for many devices but not for all. The best way to know if your USB device is compatible with Android is to contact the USB device’s manufacturer. Or simply plug it in and see.



I cannot turn on my device, what should I do?
Make sure the battery is fully charged. Connect it to its power charger


My device “froze”. What do I do? How do I prevent that?
If your device freezes, reset your tablet , consult the quick start guide for instructions but resetting could be either via a pinhole button on the back or side of the device or by pressing the power button for a set amount of time. This will shut off the device. Restart as normal. To prevent this, make sure you are running the latest version of the firmware.


My tablet seems to be running slower than when I originally got it, what can I do?
Some users experience their tablet seeming to run slower after a few months than when they originally got the tablet. The simple reason for it is what is running… Without you knowing it you may have dozens of apps running in the background on your device, this is eating up battery power and processes making your tablet run slower and last a shorter time between charges. We recommend that you download a Task Killer app (from AppsLib) when you run it, if you recognize apps that are running that you don’t ever use, uninstall them. If you see apps that you don’t use very much, check in that apps settings to see if you can disable to background task. If all this doesn’t seem to have an effect you can reset the tablet very easily from the repair and formatting section of the Settings Menu. Resetting the tablet to factory settings is easy and quite fast (it’ll take less than 20 min) and could save you a call to customer support or a return. Though it does mean that you may have to re-download some apps and retransfer your media to the tablet.


How can I do a Factory Reset on my tablet?