All banks save a master copy of the signatures of their customers in order to permit authentication later on. If a customer signs digitally on a Wacom signature tablet, this authentication can be securely carried out electronically at any time by the bank employee. Banks such as the Berlin Sparkasse or Spanish Savings Banks (CECA) already make successful use of digitizing handwritten signatures for many of their processes.

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Digital signing of payment slips at checkouts doesn’t just save time, but also saves considerable archiving costs. For example, customers in Germany at the Swedish furniture chain IKEA sign their payment slips digitally on a Wacom STU-500. The customer then receives a normal receipt, whereas the checkout assistant has no need for a paper copy as the data is saved electronically.

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Mobile telephone, fixed line and Internet contracts, price plan changes and much more – plenty of documents require signatures in the telecommunications sector. The expense and time required to manually transfer, check and process these documents internally is extremely high. Numerous telecommunications operators, such as mobilkom austria in Austria and Sunrise in Switzerland, have therefore integrated electronic handwritten signatures into their existing customer systems. The time thus saved by operators means that customers are connected quicker and that staff at points of sale have more time to provide guidance and advice.

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Nowadays electronic handwritten signature are already part of several ID-Documents like electronic passport, member cards or access cards. Wacom Partner Speed Identity for instance is using signature tablets to capture handwritten signature with a high resolution and as part of their biometric profiles for electronic passports and IDs. Thus Wacom signature tablets are already in use at registration offices, police and other authorities.

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Whether it is the check-in in the hotel, the booking process in the travel agency or the contract for the rental car: the tourism industry needs handwritten signatures in all parts of the travel process.

A simplification of those processes may easily be achieved with Wacom signature tablets. The tablets allow the digital completion of the customer’s signature and spare by this means paper, physical archiving work and money. It also turns your travel or hospitality business into a more environmentally-friendly operation.

Even the payment systems of the hotels maybe integrated in the new signature solution, thus, processes can be simplified and optimized. Finally, your data will be complete, up-to-date and your workflow much easier allowing you to spend more valuable time with your guests.

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The use of electronic health and patient records has been widely discussed in Europe. The advantages of recording patient information digitally are obvious: faster and more efficient treatments, better overview about the general health history of a patient and cost saving aspects. The challenge for all those involved in the issue will be to find a way to introduce electronic health records which provide maximum flexibility, respect data protection and confidentiality, and help work more efficiently. Hardware and software need to be integrated to support this goal. Wacom has published a whitepaper discussing how pen tablets and interactive pen displays can help offering a flexible, easy-to-handle and cost-effective solution.

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Today, contracting insurances involves a lot of paperwork and many handwritten signatures.

That makes the contracting insurance procedure relatively unefficient and partly also unsave but also to be perceived as very complicated by customers.

Unless you integrate a Wacom signature tablet in your contracting processes. From then on, all handwritten signatures will be made on a Wacom signature tablet. All contracts can be easily handled, saved and digitally archived. Each digital copy is an original, for the broker, the company and the customer. After the signature no more changes are possible.

With a Wacom signature solution the amount of paper will be reduced dramatically which saves money and time. The whole consulting process will be easier and the processing of contracts much quicker without any data loss and minimised back office efforts.

Especially for external insurance sales staff Wacom is offering mobile solutions that perfectly work with notebooks.

Small and Medium Business

The need for signing a document in smaller companies is as multisided as the small and medium business sector itself. Whether it is an order confirmation, a service protocol, a contract, an agreement or a bill, the small and medium business is often confronted with a wide range of relevant paper for all business applications that need handwritten signatures to authorise business processes. Besides the costs for printing all those documents, archiving could be very challenging due to limited space.

Offering now an easy to handle plug & play signature solution with sign&save, including a Wacom signature tablet and a specifically created Wacom sign I pro PDF software, digital signature capturing can now be integrated into the workflow of smaller companies. Either in the field for consultant and delivery services, at the desktop computer or at a counter for a repair shop or at a rental station for instance sign&save is the perfect tool for your business.

Proved for being responsible of driving innovation in many economic sectors, small and medium businesses become an example for cost-efficient and optimized workflows. In a sector in which involving new technology already became self-evident, electronic signature capturing is an optimal method for SMBs to improve their service constantly and to save time and money at the same time.

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