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We think making awesome movies should be simple, fun, and lightning fast. So forget the tech talk and complicated features, and say hello to the streamlined Pinnacle Studio—no engineering degree required. Import clips and polish them right inside the built-in media organizer. Storyboard first drafts and even create movies automatically—or refine edits with frame accuracy on a 6-track timeline and spice things up with over 1500 2D/3D effects. Built-in media cloud access from Box2 makes your files available anywhere, anytime—including projects you start on Pinnacle Studio for iPad1 . One click shares your HD or stereoscopic 3D videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. With the included video tutorials, you’ll be creating movies like a pro immediately.

Key Features

  • Quickly learn to make great videos using the included video tutorial DVDs
  • Access video and photos from HD camcorders and digital devices—even 3D
  • Import clips and movie projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad1
  • Organize and polish your favorite clips and music with the built-in media library
  • Storyboard quick first drafts—even create movies automatically
  • Edit with frame accuracy on a 6-track timeline in HD and/or stereoscopic 3D
  • Add excitement with over 1500 2D/3D effects—even green-screen superimposition
  • Layer animations and titles easily with included Montage templates
  • Use the trim editor to set source clip in/out points, then send to the timeline to include in your project
  • Create custom-fit soundtracks with Scorefitter
  • Share HD and 3D videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo with one click
  • Create DVDs and export to your favorite digital devices and formats
  • Store projects and clips in the cloud to access anywhere, anytime—includes 50 GB2 of cloud access free from Box
  • Easily archive and restore your work with Project Packages
  • Zip through projects via 64-bit, NVIDIA® CUD™, and Intel® Quick Sync Video optimization
    Pinnacle studio next generation

    Pinnacle studio next generation

1Pinnacle Studio for iPad app not included
225 GB included, additional 25 GB with product registration