AMY s.a one of the first IT companies in Greece which begun in 1981 having a prime target to import distribute and represent superior and worthy products to the Greek market.  Since the early years AMY s.a. concentrated on PC peripherals, printers and monitors and later on added multimedia products, editing solutions for personal users as also graphics tablets, touch screens, earphones, headphones, and gaming products.

In 1994 a separate department Amy Digital Video was created. It distributes professional products (HW & SW) to the Greek Market and complete specialized solutions for professionals covering the fields of Editing, Animation, 2D & 3D DVD Authoring, Character Generation, Webcasting and Broadcast.




In 2001company started operating into Telecommunications offering terminals for the best exploitation of ISDN and ADSL through cabled and non cabled PCs

In October 2005 a new department called programA started its operations as a brand new innovative idea for the commercial state of being of Greece. Mainly it distributes software through all available means, offering innovative online and offline services directly to the final user or through the customers network.

ΑΜΥ establishes co operations of strategic importance with Hitech companies and diversifies by offering innovative and intuitive products and solutions.

The information exchange takes place on an international level through its staff visits at international exhibitions, seminars, conferences and training fields in order to keep pace will all the latest developments of IT sector.