elo-logoFor a long time, most DaimlerChrysler dealerships provided customer information by means of a static flip-chart type product information center known as the Prism System. Customers could use this system to

aid them in their choice of vehicle by looking up such information as color, wheels, seat restraints, and other specifications.
However, because of an overwhelming volume of information, this manual system had to be constantly updated. Keeping this amount of printed information up-to-date was difficult, so the displays were rarely
current. To resolve this problem, Bill Hines, manager of kiosk communications for the Retail Strategies division of DaimlerChrysler, initiated the Vehicle Information Center (VIC), an interactivekiosk for dealers that would supply a myriad of current information. Formally launched in November 2000, the VIC consists of an IBM computer using a Pentium III processor and a 15″ Elo Entuitive LCD touchmonitor housed in a sleek kiosk from Visual Productions, Inc. (VPI).