we are music’s truth.

We don’t sell headphones, we offer Dr. Dre’s genius and Jimmy Iovine’s vision. You deserve to have high quality audio, WHEREVER you choose to listen to your music.

Poor quality, bad music files and crappy equipment have stood in the way of you and the artist you love. Our mission is to fix what’s been wrong so you can experience your favorite music in ways you haven’t before, and connect to the artist in a way you’ve never imagined.

Unlike other sound companies who’s technical approach lacks emotion, our Beats Audio sound is handcrafted by Dr. Dre himself and some of the world’s best producers. We don’t engineer the sound to “make it better,” we use our unique blend of science and artistry to bring you exactly what the artist intended.

We work with partners like HTC, HP and Chrysler to make sure that whether you’re on your phone, computer or in your car you will get our signature Beats sound. We first start off by making sure your hardware is tailored to deliver the best possible sound quality. That includes considering things like: speaker location, adequate power supply, quality jacks, amplifier and digital to audio converter. Once we have the hardware right we then complement with Beats Audio software.

The Beats Audio tuning process holds the highest respect for the artist – never interfering with the track. In our opinion, there’s nothing better than what the artist originally made in the studio.

Beats Audio software paired with tailored hardware ensures the best sound possible, one which meets the high standards of Dr. Dre. Without his stamp of approval, it doesn’t go out the door. Period. This is why we can deliver a listening experience that captures the essence of what was originally created in the studio.