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IFA 2013  –  Monster will present an exciting and disruptive range of new products, as well as all our latest breakthroughs. Come experience the PURE MONSTER SOUND you know and love, win fantastic prizes, and meet our global brand ambassadors. See you in Berlin!

IFA, the ultimate global innovations show of Europe happens September 6-11, 2013.  And as the world’s leading manufacturer of headphones, cables, AV accessories, and power conditioning products, Monster will be there.

Since 1924, IFA has been the most important European consumer electronics event. As a launching pad for the most momentous tech innovations abroad, it’s where those in-the-know go for the latest-greatest, representing a cross-section of the world’s foremost international brands and manufacturers.

As a global hotspot hub, IFA’s where international industry experts, media reps, early adopters and electronics enthusiasts collide. You’ll get up-close and personal in a major urban European venue via an über informed and exciting range of keynotes, presentations, and forums.

International Keynote presentation by “Head Monster” Noel Lee (Founder and Chief Executive Officer Monster, Inc.)

The Headphone Revolution; How Did It Happen? From Monster, the company that made it happen.

The sound is key, not the beat. Visit Monster, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance headphones, connectivity solutions and audio supplies, at IFA’s Monster Show and experience the unique feel of Pure Monster Sound yourself. With the slogan “The Revolution begins 2013,” Monster is introducing the audio industry to a new era. Never before has its product range been so differentiated and so technically advanced. Seize also the opportunity to meet some of Monster’s new brand ambassadors from the music and fashion industry, among Xzibit and Swizz Beatz, co-owner and exceptional music artist.
IFA 2013 The Next Monster Phase Continues Abroad  6-11/9/2013 Berlin