Share the web Thanks to its 13.3 inch (34 cm) screen the ARNOVA FamilyPad is perfect for sharing your tablet experience. Browse the web together as a family for when you do your online shopping or look up that Wikipedia article as a group.
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Perfectly sized for a family usage the new ARNOVA FamilyPad and its impressive 34cm HD screen will become the whole family’s companion. Either it is for watching a movie, playing a game, sharing pictures or connecting to social network, the ARNOVA FamilyPad runs everything smoothly on its big and sharp display.
Big enough for everyone With its 13.3 inch HD screen the ARNOVA FamilyPad is the perfect screen size to gather around and share as family. The 16 million color, 1280 x 800 pixel screen means that whatever you’re showing, the ARNOVA FamilyPad will show it off perfectly, and its extra-large battery will mean it’ll show it for longer – over 10 hours of video playback.
Powered by Android™ 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ The ARNOVA FamilyPad runs Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’1, the mobile operating system designed by Google™. With a specially designed user-friendly tablet interface, perfect for internet as well as the hundreds of thousands of apps available to download.
Completely connected The ARNOVA FamilyPad features all the right internals an connections of a cutting edge tablet: a microSD card slot to boost storage, mini-HDMI to plug into an HDTV, USB Host to transfer data from a USB flash or hard drive and fast WiFi for connection to your home network.
A shared family calendar Once positioned on it’s stand support (included in every box) the ARNOVA FamilyPad can turn into the 21st century replacement for your refrigerator calendar. Cloud based, with multiple users, combine it with Color Note Pad and leaving messages on the fridge is a thing of the past.
Photo frame Another excellent use of the ARNOVA FamilyPad on its stand is a digital photo frame. Thanks to LifeShow Player you can even link it up to Picasa or Facebook albums and control it from online.
Cooking assistant What better way to take advantage of the ARNOVA FamilyPad combined with its stand than to have your recipes up on its big screen whilst you cook. Whether dictating ingedients or showing a video of the best cutting method, the ARNOVA FamilyPad can help you get it right.

1 Based on Android open source platform (non-certified)